Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network

MNWWN Vision: 

Sustaining family-owned woodlands through peer-to-peer learning and relationships. 

MNWWN Mission: 

The Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network (MNWWN) is dedicated to building a community of women woodland owners, their families and land managers to nurture a land ethic.  The MNWWN creates supportive, informal, small group learning opportunities on topics that include trees, nature and caring for the land.


The Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network (MNWWN) provides the opportunity to recognize and enhance the role of women in woodland management, whether they own land themselves, may inherit or purchase land in the future, or who may simply be interested in supporting this effort.


  • Provide networking opportunities for women landowners to learn from and support each other.

  • Foster a learning environment that encourages women to participate in woodland management education.

  • Connect women with resources and professionals.

  • Develop recognition of the important role of women as woodland owners in Minnesota.

The MNWWN has created strong relationships, a supportive and engaging learning environment and friendships focused on woodland care and natural resources knowledge.  These relationships contribute to sustainable forests and communities. 

The MNWWN delivery method is based on small peer groups and horizontal knowledge exchange (shared learning, not top down), identified as women’s preferred learning styles (Redmore & Tynon, 2010).  Learning activities involve field trips and “woods walks,” workshops, hands-on activities, demonstrations, work days, tours, and regular informal networking and topic discussion gatherings. 

Each MNWWN local network is a semi-autonomous group of women who gather together to be with “like-minded” women.  Local networks are open to anybody, men and women, but the focus is on women and providing peer-to-peer learning in a supportive environment.

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